The fixing process of 6 machines was successfully performed in Robert Bosch in Bursa.

The packaging process of the machines was done successfully by our expert team.

High-tech stations from Robert Bosch have been successfully packaged in a very detailed manner in HPE Standards.


In order to load and / or store the cargoes, our company offers the service of packing and crating with wooden case, palletizing, aluminum foil, stretch film, carton and shrink wrap method which is one of the latest technological methods. Our team, which considers cargo security as a priority, carries out professional transactions and provides consultancy services in this regard.

Our packaging, packaging and crate service for export goods that will be exposed to long travel times is a service that should be applied professionally for the shipment of industrial products which will generally be shipped to America, Australia, Far East and Europe. This service; The product should not be affected by air and moisture and should be applied by professional companies such as us with expert and trained staff.

Our company, since the day it was founded, provides you with the professional planning and field team. While giving this service, we know how valuable your products are for you and we carry out our crate service on this importance.

Crate How to do?
Bottom pallet, crate side walls, ceiling where your product will be placed are produced by our company employees in our production facility made of plywood with high sealing feature and the products used are preferred in ISPM 15 standards.

As it is known, it is obligatory to treat wedges and other forest products higher than 6 mm in accordance with ISPM 15 standards.

With this reason; The principles of the International Plant Protection Association convention are also taken into consideration in the forest products we use and our social workers are not ignored.

Fixing your product placed on crate bottom pallet to crate is carried out in accordance with International HPE standards.

After the production of the custom made crate, the aluminum foils we use for your products are produced from first class products and we do not work with the wrapping method. Because; wrapping method is combined with tape is very high probability of air intake. With this reason; After placing your product in the aluminum foils that we make in our production facility with bag method, cover the lid with special tongs and leave only 20% air inside.

The most important issue in the ballot box; The ratio of the product to be used is calculated according to the internal volume of the crate and the dehumidifier is applied in the required weight.

Another application for protection against weather conditions is to leave a certain but certainly dehumidifying silico gels in your products during packaging and packaging and prevents the formation of moisture. The dehumidifiers should be placed in the foil immediately after the aluminum foil is welded.

Chemical rust protectors are applied to the parts of your product that will be rusted with the HPE standard we provide from abroad.

Finally, after the large, narrow side walls and ceiling plywood mounted around the bottom pallet, the crate is brought to the final stage.

At least 10 cm canvas is applied on the crate and the sealing rate is increased.

One of the last and most important stages is warning signs. Thanks to the tipping impact indicators that we place on the crate, our customers can instantly detect any damage to the crates reaching their destination.

The center of gravity is marked on the crate and the forklift operator can know where to lift the crate, thus avoiding possible accidents. Center of gravity mark Applies to crates weighing more than 5 tonnes.

The crate with warning signs is ready for shipment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.