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Each project needs a separate packaging concept.

We know your business is valuable to you. Therefore, we only work with trained and experienced professionals.

Our experienced team for each different size; Packaging, Fixing, Branding, Boxing, Packaging, Shrink Wrap services are dominant. 

As a result of our services, it is our only goal to ensure that your products reach their goals without being damaged.

Our services HPE(HOLZPACKMİTTEL PALETTEN EXPORT VERPACKUNG) standartlarına We perform in accordance.

Our certified products and pallets manufactured by us are used in our services.

Turkey and all your needs can benefit from our services within Europe.

Our hundreds of projects and our team of engineers and project managers are always happy to share their knowledge and experience with the customer.
Please contact us for more information and advice on our services.










We can pack all kinds of machines and systems for all modes of transport to be shipped by truck / truck / rail / sea and air cargo.

You can benefit from our services such as overseas packaging, overseas packaging, packaging suitable for all container sizes, crate, boxing, packaging, canning, casing, fixing, special size packaging for air cargo, special size packaging for sea cargo, Shrink Wrap.

If you don't want to worry about packaging, you can use our services. We are ready for you under any circumstances so that we guarantee that everything will be packaged and delivered on time.



Our Services


After the stations were replaced in the industry for the protection of the weather conditions, the branding was carried out. Shrink wrap processing has been successfully performed for the product our esteemed customer wants to protect from external condi


The fixing process of 6 machines was successfully performed in Robert Bosch in Bursa. The packaging process of the machines was done successfully by our expert team. High-tech stations from Robert Bosch have been successfully packaged in a very detaile


Close-range transportation in packaging services, in-house displacements, used in products located in facility warehouses in one of our crate services. As in our other services, the production of the bottom pallet, which is suitable for your device, is c


What is shrink wrap? Shrink wrap is a high quality, waterproof, durable coating material with a high amount of UV protection. What are the features of shrink wrap? Shrink wrap material heated by special gun is stretched and tightly wraps your product.


For the safe storage and / or transportation of the materials to be transported and / or stored, the fixing process is carried out by on-site measurement and assembly by our expert teams.


After our services, the authorized personnel of the company and the project manager will fill in the check list with the mutual agreement that the applications which are the content of the service are made and include the service details. The company can

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 70 Boxes in 10 Days !!

70 Boxes in 10 Days !!

Again, we proudly announce the successful completion of a giant project. At the Robert Bosch / Bursa facili...